Healing Headaches

Healing Headaches

Natural Approach To Headache Relief

Healing Headaches with the power of your mind is not only possible it is natural. There is certainly nothing wrong with taking herbal supplements to prevent  headaches, but there are other ideas and internal process you can take that may help to ease the pain. Use these approaches and ideas along side of any herbal supplements you are using.

First off, start thinking in terms of transforming the headache, instead of getting rid of it. Getting rid of it just adds more mental noise and judgment. Shift your attention from judging the headache to transmuting it.

Next, explore what a headache really is. Do not explore your idea of it, instead explore it. Feel it. It is there right? Feel it. Get a sense of the sensation. Go into it. It has been said many times that what you resist persists, and what you embrace you can erase. Approach your headache in this fashion. Give in to it.

Giving into it is surrendering to the fact that you have a headache. It does not mean you are being self-destructive. This does not mean you truly want to feel pain.  It just means that you want to accept the pain that you are feeling now.

Acceptance opens the door for a more spacious feeling in your brain. Acceptance of a headache flues a sensation of openness, and that is what brings about the healing. Openness is peace of mind. Openness is a calmness that surrounds the headache. Feel a sense of openness amidst the headache. This is how you heal headaches.

Healing headaches is not difficult, because openness is your natural resting state of awareness. Openness is like the ocean; your headache is like a floating piece of seaweed. Rest in the ocean and the headache will become far less intense.

So, the trick to healing headaches is to let the seaweed (headache) float in a sea of awareness. Be the observer of your headache, instead of being trapped in it. Being trapped in a headache is the pain. Stepping outside of the headache is freedom from it.

The best time to practice this is when you do not have a headache. Pretend that you do have one, from time to time. This may sound strange but it works. Feel your head. Feel as if you have a headache and then try to get a sense of being larger than the headache.

Then, next time you have a real headache, you will have gained some skills. Healing headaches happens when you become bigger than the pain. NO bigger in the sense of being able to withstand the pain; just bigger in the sense of feeling bigger, feeling more expansive.

Remember, preventing the headache from occurring in the first place is a much better approach than trying to treat the pain when the headache hits. 

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Healing Headaches