Herbal Remedy for Sinus Headache

Herbal Remedy for Sinus Headache

Herbal Remedy for Sinus HeadacheIn the quest to live healthy, many people search for natural alternatives for common disorders and illnesses. A Herbal Remedy for Sinus Headache Pain is greatly sought after.

Very often sinus headaches are caused by allergies and colds. Typically, doctors will prescribe antihistamine drugs that can help to reduce or prevent allergies. Unfortunately, along with the benefits there can be side effects and can even make the condition worse. Some side effects include insomnia, nightmares, dry mouth, rapid heart beat, anxiety and agitation and antihistamines may lose their effectiveness over time.

Native remedies has formulated an all natural herbal supplement called AllergiClear that can help to: 

Avoid the side effects of antihistamine drugs
Decrease or eliminate dependence on antihistamine drugs
Improve your overall resistance against allergens and support the immune system
Reduce and prevent the symptoms of airborne and seasonal allergies and hayfever
Soothe and improve the health and functioning of mucous membranes
Block the allergic reaction to allergens by preventing the release of histamine
Reduce susceptibility to colds, sinusitis, influenza and other respiratory infections worsened by allergies

Make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated. At the first signs of a sinus headache you should increase your water intake. As mucous thickens, it blocks the sinus and thus causing a headache.

Breathing moist air may relieve the pain from a sinus headache. This can be done by using a steam vaporizer or cool-mist humidifier, steam from a basin of hot water, or steam from a hot shower.

Alternating hot and cold compresses may also provide some relief from a sinus headache. Place a hot compress across your sinuses for three minutes, and then a cold compress for 30 seconds. Repeat this procedure three times per treatment, two to six times a day.

It is very important to be sure and consult your physician if your condition doesn't improve or becomes worse.

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