Migraine Treatment

Migraine Treatment

A Headache Journal Is A Great Way To Find Out What May Be Causing You Pain !

Very often, people confuse a headache for a migraine. For proper migraine treatment, you first must determine if you really have a migraine. The word "migraine" comes from the Greek word "hemikranion" which translates to "pain affecting one side of the head". While the symptoms of a migraine may vary slightly for each individual, there is commonly pain on one or both sides of the head, upset stomach and sometimes disturbed vision.

Migraine TreatmentThe first step in treating a migraine headache is to try to determine the cause. Yes, prescription pain medication may stop the pain, but painkillers can be addicting and lose effectiveness over time. This also does nothing to actually stop the migraine from returning again.

By determining the possible reasons you are getting migraines, you can try to eliminate the debilitating symptoms from occurring in the first place. Our knowledge of migraines suggests that chemical reactions in the brain cause blood vessels to constrict and then expand creating a sudden blood flow, which creates the headaches, associated with migraines.

Research does suggest a genetic link to the susceptibility of migraines, but there are also other common triggers. Caffeine, smoking, illness, medications, fatigue,  chemicals such as artificial sweeteners, and certain foods. The list is really endless and very individual. If you notice you have migraines after your third cup of coffee or glass of soda, caffeine may be the culprit. Certain foods like chocolate and cheese contain chemicals that may cause a migraine to those that are prone to them. Alcohol is another very common migraine trigger.

Keeping a journal may be a good way to help you determine your trigger. And keep in mind, things such as bright lights and too much time in front of the computer have to be considered. Some people have found strong scents such as a heavy perfume can cause terrible migraine pain.

Once you have determined or think you have determined what may be causing frequent migraines, you are almost there. Some will find it easier to eliminate whatever is causing there migraines than others. For instance, I absolutely love those little candy orange slices coated in sugar. But I know if I eat even one, I get a terrible pain in the side of my head that can last for hours. I am not sure if it is the high sugar content or the chemicals they are made with, but I stay away from these little beasts at all costs.

But on the flip side, if you find your head pain starts near the end of your workday and you have a feeling your computer is the culprit, it gets a little tricky. If your job is to be on the computer all day, you can't just quit. A visit to the eye doctor would probably be a good idea in this case. He may recommend special glasses to ease the eye strain. You may want to try looking away from your computer at regular intervals to give your eyes a break.

Herbal supplements are a great way to treat migraines, especially when the migraine trigger is not so obvious. MiGone Plus is an all natural herbal supplement that was formulated to safely treat migraines by removing toxins and restore proper organ function promoting better health. Also, try exercising regularly, it  helps to increase your cardiovascular capacity and improve blood flow which is linked to recurrent migraines. 

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