Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis

Encourage Mental and Physical Well-Being

The Dictionary defines Hypnosis as an artificially induced trance state resembling sleep, characterized by heightened susceptibility to suggestion.

As a kid I remember watching a magician on tv. He brought an audience member on the stage. He pronounced to everyone watching that he was going to put this person into a trance with hypnosis. He claimed he would then be able to make this person do whatever he suggested. So for the next few minutes this unlucky person did whatever the magician told him to do. He barked like a dog, flapped his arms like a bird and other silly tasks. And then with the snap of a finger, it was over. This person came out of the hypnotic trance and supposedly remembered nothing. Now that was entertainment.

I told you my story, because until a several months ago, if someone were to speak of hypnosis, this was the picture that played in my mind. How wrong I was.

A while back a friend of mine decided to quit smoking, again. This time however, would prove to be different. She found a website called and a program of recorded hypnosis sessions called The Non-Smokers edge. A comprehensive home use self hypnosis program by a licensed clinical psychologist, designed to give you the best chance at success. With strong determination to quit smoking and confidence and willpower brought on by the hypnosis sessions, it is almost a year later and my friend has stopped smoking cigarettes for good.

As you can imagine, my views about hypnosis started to change. So I visited myself. I was astounded to find many different hypnosis programs including a program to manage headache pain. As a chronic headache sufferer, I was immediately curious if this could help. This was an opportunity I could not pass up, after all, they promised a money back guarantee. Well, the results could not have been any better. I have learned to recognize the signs of an oncoming headache and how to relax to prevent the pain from building. The techniques learned through self hypnosis combined with herbal supplements formulated for headaches has helped me become pain free. has the solution that may change your life. If you need to make changes, has comprehensive solutions in the categories of:

Love and Sex
Health and Wellness
Children's Development
Sports Performance

Try the free Download for Stress. You will never think of Hypnosis in quite the same way!

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 Self Hypnosis