Cure Headache

Cure Headache

Everyone experiences headaches once in a while. But for anyone who suffers from daily headaches or migraines, we urge you to first seek medical attention.

A bad headache can go a long way to completely wrecking your day.  Talking to people can be unbearable.  You start to get cranky, not wanting to work or play or do anything but sit in bed and maybe watch a movie.  What can you do about these demon headaches?  What causes them, and how can you cure headache pain?

cure headacheHeadaches can be divided into two categories: migraines and tension headaches.  Migraines are caused by the contraction of blood vessels in the brain; this causes a buildup of pressure in the brain and the resulting pain of a headache.  A tension is caused by constant muscle tension, usually in the neck, upper neck, and in the back of the head.  It’s the constant pressure and tension in these muscles that causes a tension headache.

It can be tough to cure headaches, especially if you’re experiencing a migraine headache.  Some drug manufacturers have released drugs set up to cure headache pain of this sort, with mixed results.  Some people who have great success with one particular drug while others will get no relief at all.  It’s usually best to experiment with different treatments and dosages to see what works best for you, and it pays to consider talking to your doctor for a prescription headache medicine as well.

Caution must be used when relying on pain killers. They can become addictive and lose effectiveness over time. Treating the underlying causes may be the safer approach.

Fortunately, it’s easier to cure headaches stemming from tension, as it usually just involves reducing the amount of tension in the upper neck.  Massaging your own neck is often one of the quickest cures, as is resting your neck if it’s usually under stress.  Try rolling your head forward slowly, over to one side, then the other.  Roll your head back and forth, it sometimes helps to relax the muscles in the back of your neck.  Repeat these stretches a few times, allowing your muscles to relax completely before turning your head again.  Drinking lots of water is also a good way to go at curing headaches, as muscles and ligaments will contract if they’re dehydrated. 

Pain medicines like aspirin and acetaminophen can also help cure headaches, though it’s usually more effective to cut off the pain at its source: the muscle tension.  Commercial massagers can also be helpful in this respect, as can a kind friend.  Reducing the amount of stress in your life is a great way to cure headaches, as most people will carry tension in their shoulders and necks when under stress.  If you can cut down on the cause of the muscle tension then you can completely nip the problem in the bud.

Herbal supplements have been clinically proven effective at eliminating some of the underlying causes of headaches and migraines.

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