Headache Medicine

Headache Medicine

Eliminate The Cause, Eliminate The Headache !

Pain killers just mask the symptoms of a headache or migraine and do not cure them. There is usually a reason for headache pain; tension, illness, injury, depression, anxiety, and allergies, the list goes on. By determining why you may have headache or migraine pain, you can then treat the cause to eliminate the headache altogether.

Headache MedicineFor years and years, my brother suffered from unexplained headaches. As time went on, they got worse and worse, and other symptoms began to appear. He began to have blackouts, and at times, lost control of his body. When this happened, he would often fall and get hurt. This was very frightening for him, and for all of us, as he was young and otherwise extremely healthy. He tried every headache medicine known to man, and still the problem remained.

His doctors exhausted their options, and he had tried not only every headache medicine you can buy over the counter, he also tried every prescription there was. He was put through exhaustive testing, and they still couldn’t find what was wrong with him. His monthly cost for headache medicine was very high, and most of them only dulled the pain, none took the headaches away completely.

Today, his headaches are infrequent, and he spends far less on headache medicine than he did five years ago. One doctor finally found the problem, and we couldn’t believe it had been missed for as long as it was. As it turned out, his headaches were caused by mangled sinuses. He went in for surgery, and while they couldn’t exactly fix them, they drained everything that had been caught within, and his headaches went away for a short time. Because they couldn’t fix the problem, he still has to spend money on headache medicine. He has to go back every few years for the same surgery when the pain becomes too much to bear.

He has paid a price for his use of headache medicines though, as he now has stomach problems caused by the medications. He has to be careful about eating certain foods, and must endure some stomach pain when his headaches return and he must take a lot of headache medicine to dull the pain. It is important to talk to your doctor if you are constantly taking headache medicine so you are aware of what it can do to the rest of your body. 

If you find yourself taking a lot of headache medicine, and there seems to be no reason for your constant pain, you should consider that something else might be wrong. Though we imagined the worse with my brother, it turned out to be something that was not life threatening. Don’t let fear keep you from seeing your doctor to find out the true source of your pain.

Pain killers are very addictive and become less effective over time requiring an increase in dosage to see results which can lead to serious illness or even death. Herbal supplements are formulated from all natural herbs that will help to eliminate the underlying cause of headaches and migraines helping you become healthy and pain free.

Native Remedies has researched and formulated herbal supplements for many common problems that may lead to headaches and migraines. 

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